CVP stocks a 150 keypad audience response system. Easily integrated into existing powerpoint presentations, PowerVote provides an easy way to gauge the room.

Questions can be on any topic: From "Which region are you from?" to "Your opinion on the new regulation?"

power vote audience response systempowervote hand held voting system

The system works from easy to understand keypads, with responses montitored from a laptop with a reciever. Results are collected live, and can be viewed as soon as voting stops. Results can be in pie charts, bar graphs and more, and integrated to match the style of your existing presentation.

Pricing starts at a competitive £4 per handset.

Situated just outside Oxford, we are able to provide audience response system hire to a large area -
from Bristol, Newbury, Swindon, Reading, Milton Keynes and London to name only the larger towns.
Alternatively, collect from us at OX10 7LN.

Please contact us for further information and detailed pricing on 08700 331810