CVP stock a pipe and drape system, using black wool serge drapes.
This can quickly and simply screen off part of a room or provide a backdrop to a staging area.

We currently stock two drapes at 4m x 3m, which can be hung either portrait or landscape.
This can make a backdrop either 4m x 6m, or 3m x 8m or any size smaller.

The uprights are 6' - 14', while the crosspieces are 10' - 18'.


£ Exc VAT

Two uprights, Two baseplates, one crosspiece, one drape


Three uprights, Three baseplates, two crosspiece, two drape



Situated just outside Oxford, we are able to provide Pipe and Drape hire to a large area -
from Bristol, Newbury, Swindon, Reading, Milton Keynes and London to name only the larger towns.
Alternatively, collect from us at OX10 7LN.

Please contact us for further information and detailed pricing on 08700 331810