Things to Consdider with Outside Projection

Outdoors projection can look amazing and reach a large number of people. However there are a number of things you should consider when planing your event:

When Does the Sun Set? How dark will it be? In what direction is the Sun? - Outdoor projection looks best at night or in very dim light, avoid setting up an outside projection facing into the Sun. You can check sunset times here

Direct sunlight is 420,000 lux whereas a standard office projector would only be able to offer about 2,000 lux and still be readable.

How big a screen am I going to need? - making sure you get the right screen and projector is paramount to your event looking great! However, a larger screen is going to need a more powerful projector to cut through any natural light and project your image. For projecting an image in the open air, a 12,000 lumen projector is an absolute minimum, unless your event is at least 30 minutes after sunset.

Is there a way to sheild my projection to get the best possible image? - Sheilding (such as Tents etc)can help with image bleaching from natural light

Is projection going to work for what i want to acheive? Plasma screens are now avialable in a range of sizes, and don't suffer with direct sunlight as much as projection

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Our Experience

CVP have provided outdoors projection facilities to a small but growing number of events -

The projection of a WW1 local film project on a section of the white cliffs near Dover, providing a backdrop in central Oxford for the Oxford United 'Big Match' promotion, and showing of another local WW1 film project in Wallingford - held in the town square.

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CVP can offer a number of projection options - full HD, brightness upto 12000 lumens. Please see our projection hire page for sizes of screens we can also offer.

Or, call us. We will be happy to walk through your event with you, from start to finish, including site visits and whatever else may be required. Call on 01865 340 071, or email us at enquires@cvpoxford.co.uk